The marine police (inset) takes away a headless woman body for investigation. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Google Maps

The headless and partially naked body of a woman was found floating in the sea near the Western Wholesale Food Market in Sai Wan in Hong Kong Island West on Tuesday afternoon.

The body of the woman, estimated to be between 30 to 40 years old, was spotted in the sea around 3 p.m. by a crew member of a ship heading to Yau Ma Tei, Headline Daily reported. A crew member called the police.

The body was also missing a right arm, and was clothed only in underwear. The woman was about 1.7 meters tall.

The police are trying to establish the woman’s identity from fingerprints on the left hand, Beh Swan-lip, co-director, Centre for Medical Ethics and Law in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, told Apple Daily.

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