McDonald’s Hong Kong (L) and Tsui Wah Restaurant. Photos: Google Maps, Wikimedia Commons

Two more leading restaurant chains in Hong Kong – McDonald’s and Tsui Wah Restaurant – have joined a growing list of eateries withdrawing dishes that had used meat imported from Brazil following the scandal over sales of rotten and salmonella-tainted meats.

McDonald’s Hong Kong announced on Thursday it would halt the sale of BBQ McWings, as it confirmed that some of the meat it used came from Brazil, but none of them were imports from the 21 companies at the center of the scandal.

BBQ chicken drumsticks and Chicken McNuggets were said to be also sourced from Brazil. However, the company said both products would continue to be available as the latest ingredients used certified meat from mainland China, Sing Pao Daily reported.

Meanwhile, Tsui Wah Restaurant, which has 32 branches featuring Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng dishes, took all dishes containing Brazilian meats off the menu.

An Apple Daily reporter placed an order of rice with pan-fried sole and chicken drumsticks at a Tsui Wah branch in Causeway Bay, but was served with rice with pan-fried sole and fried shrimp balls instead.

Peter Pang Kwing-ho, chief executive officer of Tsui Wah Holdings, told the newspaper that it was sourcing meats from other countries to ensure food safety for its customers.

Meanwhile, the Tsui Wah menu was said to be heavily trimmed down, featuring no pork dishes, customers found.