A German man and a British woman were arrested for growing marijuana in a Discovery Bay apartment with three sets of planting equipment (inset). Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Three foreign-passport holders were arrested on Saturday in Hong Kong’s Discovery Bay on Lantau Island for possessing cannabis in two residential apartments.

In a police anti-drug operation at 9am on Saturday, officers found three sets of planting equipment, five fully grown marijuana plants, 34 seedlings, smoking pipes, a stun gun and a saber in an apartment on Siena Avenue, Sing Pao Daily reported.

Police arrested a 48-year-old German man and a 42-year-old British woman, and did not rule out that the produce could be for the pairs own use.

The drugs are estimated to be worth a total of HK$750,000 (US$96,630). The man and woman will be charged with drug possession as well as possession of arms and ammunitions without a licence.

The police also separately arrested a 44-year-old British Indian man in a nearby apartment as he had a small amount of cannibis stored in his home.