Five of the seven police officers (L-R) Chief Inspector Wong Cho-sing, Police Constable Chan Siu-tan, Police Constable Kwan Ka-ho, Sergeant Pak Wing-bun and Senior Inspector Lau Cheuk-ngai, charged in connection with the beating of a protester during Occupy Central pro-democracy demonstrations, arrive at a court in Hong Kong, China February 14, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

Seven police officers were found guilty by a Hong Kong court of assaulting pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang Kin-chiu in the early hours of October 15, 2014, during the Occupy civil disobedience movement, government broadcaster RTHK reported.

Former Civic Party member Ken Tsang (center) Photo: Ken Tsang/Facebook

The policemen were charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Tsang, a former member of the Civic Party, in an attack that was captured on video by a local television channel. They were cleared of a more serious charge of grievous bodily harm.

Four of the officers are from the Kwun Tong District Anti-triad Squad. They are senior inspector Lau Cheuk-ngai, sergeant Pak Wing-bun, officer Lau Hing-pui and Wong Wai-ho. The other three include Triad and Organized Crime Bureau chief inspector Wong Cho-shing, Kowloon East Regional Crime Headquarters officer Chan Siu-tan and Kowloon City District officer Kwan Ka-ho. Chan was also found guilty of common assault for slapping Tsang’s face inside Central Police Station.

Prior to the incident, hundreds of protesters occupied Lung Wo Road, a key road leading to the government headquarters. The anti-riot police dispersed the crowd with buttons, shields and pepper spray.

After Tsang spilled water onto some police officers, he was arrested and carried by the seven officers to a dark corner of Tamar Park. Video footage showed Tsang being repeatedly kicked and beaten by several officers at a time, with the defendants taking turns watching out for onlookers and trying to shield the scene from view.