Physicist Fail Gubaidulin, a member of the Newton Park interactive museum of science in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, demonstrates the effect of a Tesla coil.   Photo: Ilya Naymushin, Reuters
Physicist Fail Gubaidulin, a member of the Newton Park interactive museum of science in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, demonstrates the effect of a Tesla coil. Photo: Ilya Naymushin, Reuters

The life of Nikola Tesla and Donald Trump’s first month as US president connect some of history’s sinister patterns. Tesla, the mysterious genius who gave us alternating-current electricity and wireless wonders, who worked for free energy, saw his unusual work stormily received, similar to the reaction to efforts in 2017 to seek peace with Russia, protect one’s own people while shunning political incorrectness, and institute clean governance.

Like Tesla’s wireless electricity and his claims of contacting extraterrestrial civilizations, a presidential ban on immigrants from regions known to be festering fields of anger and hate for the Western world seems bizarre.

But look deeper and see this ban as coaxing a community to ponder why so many terrorists kill in the name of the religion of peace. Necessary answers, corrective solutions are within – not in fanatical delusions, imprisoning dogma, nor in blaming policies that are the effect, not cause.

Not all of us ride the “politically correct” stampede. All I see is media-manipulated hysteria at legal action against illegal immigrants sneaking in, often via criminal syndicates, while legal immigrants wait years for citizenship. Worse, the media distortion of legitimate intent causes hate and racist attacks.

In such pandemonium, extraterrestrial visitors could think the US is the only option on Earth for fleeing refugees (with resources to pay transcontinental airfares), the only country for children needing medical help. Emotional blackmail cannot silence warning bells of sabotage.

Beware of the familiar weapon of sabotage: disinformation. “They” dealt with Tesla then as “they” deal with Trump now: demonize, ridicule, label him a nutcase. “They”, who have vested interests in the status quo, are those with most to lose from the cleansing forces of change.

Sabotaging the election campaign failed, so sabotage the presidency. Multinational companies hit with hefty taxes for killing jobs and endangered lobbies of corruption are the tip of the Washington iceberg desperate to sink the Trump administration early in its voyage of Titanic change.

It happened with Tesla. “The alternating current was completely discredited, decried as deadly and of no commercial value,” Tesla wrote in theJuly 24, 1934, edition of the New York World Telegram edition.  “[Thomas] Edison thought that the wires might be used for hanging laundry to dry…. The old interests were powerful and resolved to fight any encroachment on their business by all means fair or foul.”

A desperate Edison electrocuted dogs to death in public to scare people away from the “dangers” of Tesla’s alternating current. Yet Edison lives on in textbooks that ignore Tesla.

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Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) proved alternating current safe by passing electricity though himself.

Double standards continue. Scrutinize an elected president for conflicts of interests, fine, but ignore how the losing presidential candidate amassed US$250 million between 2001 and 2016? Attack Trump appointees but forget that Wall Street dictated the previous administration’s cabinet?

Prophetic of the Tesla-Trump connection was the man deputed to examine Nikola Tesla’s papers after Tesla died destitute at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City on January 7, 1943: a distinguished electrical engineer and military technology researcher named John G Trump – uncle of the current US president (John Trump was the younger brother of Donald Trump’s father Fred).

John Trump gave a controversial assessment of the Tesla papers to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, rendering them as having little practical value. Tesla had said his extraordinary inventions were from intuitions, and maybe only Tesla could have made sense of the Tesla papers. If not, the nemesis of history has John Trump’s nephew paying the family price: media sections dismissing his presidential nephew’s policies as having little practical value. Such is life.

Such is this demented pattern of history, including victims snarling, snickering at their maverick rescuer, like in comics that featured Nikola Tesla as a “mad scientist” – the same Tesla with more than 300 patents for key 21st-century and future technologies.

No doubt Hollywood, with expertise in making the fake seem real, will soon feature Donald Trump as a mad president. Ridicule and demonization make powerful weapons to sabotage forces of change – for fear of being ridiculed, how many are afraid to say they agree with Trump?

Honest criticism is fine, such as of Trump supporting outdated gun  laws. Or if he breaks promises. But I see more misinformation and poisonous cynicism from sections of the media horribly out of sync with reality. Or horrifyingly in sync with corrupt forces wanting the status quo, like executive decisions sold for “donations” to a particular foundation.

With no post-elections lessons learned, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN and The Guardian are becoming even more disgusting, dishonest entities. But alert citizenry and the municipality of accountability will soon remove such garbage from media streets.

History warns of revolutionaries of radical change being destroyed. Tesla used the Earth as a medium to transmit wireless electricity. Just as Tesla is banished from memory, so we forget to ask questions that have the potential to vaporize trillions of dollars of profits for multinational corporations: Why not electricity received by wireless means, maybe like free Wi-Fi?

Or question the Central Intelligence Agency’s role in starting wars with fake “intelligence” – Iraq, the Obama-Clinton chaos in Libya – murderous falsehoods on which the “mainstream” media colluded and propagated.

Enter a maverick president, fitting into the prevailing crony system like a bull in the Bolshoi Ballet, but with tenacity from volition with the endurance of gold – a rare disrupting force of change, like Tesla to conventional science. The deception machinery starts again to project the “mad” president, sabotage efforts to end his country’s rivalry with the evil enemy – so profitable for warmongers.

So their tools, the devious media forces, ridicule Trump and ignore the positives achieved – saving thousands of jobs, bills to clear trade bottlenecks, $700 million saved for taxpayers by renegotiating the cost of the F-35 fighter aircraft … the start of returning real power of governance back to the people.

Everything is the light, Tesla said in his last interview. The laser light of truth pierces deceit, dangerous delusions. Revolutionaries can be neutralized, their message corrupted, progress stalled and laws dodged – but nothing can sabotage the Law of Cause and Effect.

So the light of truth ultimately prevails – that is how, why humans evolve, and the destination is reached quicker by not falling victim to saboteurs of beneficial change.

Raja Murthy

Raja Murthy is an independent journalist who has contributed to Asia Times since 2003, The Statesman since 1990, and formerly the Times of India, Economic Times, Elle, and others. He shuttles between Mumbai and the Himalayas.

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