Louisa Mak Photo: Facebook/ Louisa Mak
Louisa Mak Photo: Facebook/ Louisa Mak

It is somewhat ironic, yet interesting, to see that one of the clearest proponents for the rule of law at this critical moment for justice in Hong Kong is none other than Louisa Mak, a former Miss Hong Kong and a television artist.

In the week that saw former HK chief executive Donald Tsang Yum-kuen convicted of misconduct in office and the seven cops sentenced to two years for assaulting Occupy Central activist Ken Tsang, Louisa Mak sought to defend the legal system that has stirred up extreme emotions in the two high-profile and controversial court cases.

In her lengthy Facebook post, Mak, Miss Hong Kong 2015 and a Cambridge University law graduate, wrote that while there is no perfect legal system, nor any such thing as an absolutely objective judgment, we should strive to get close to justice.

”I always believe – no matter where you stand in the political spectrum – we all have the same ‘core values,”’ she wrote.

Local pro-establishment groups protested at what they said was too harsh a penalty for the seven cops, urging the court to apply a similar yardstick to the Occupy Central organizers, none of whom were jailed. Likewise, over 40 top public faces in Hong Kong pleaded for the judge to spare the 72 year-old Tsang for his relatively minor offense.

While Donald Tsang might get some sympathy for the five years of torture he has endured for a stupid mistake, the city is still pretty divided over the seven cops, measured by the online cheers from the yellow Occupy Central gallery versus the often ribald abuse levied at the judge and legal system by their blue ribbon opponents.

Mak, who has the brains and the beauty but no legal experience, said that while we are not saints, we should also control our emotions.

“It is exactly for this reason we must use penalties to stop, and increase the cost of, this socially unacceptable behavior,” she wrote.

Fans of the seven cops questioned the court’s logic in sentencing an activist for five weeks in jail for hitting a cop but doling out two years in jail for hitting a citizen. Some firebrands even said, “To hell with the system!”

Mak replied, “You have the right to do so … but at least I still believe in the rule of law and defend the rule of law.”

As expected, Mak’s post won as many supporters as haters.

But at least it is a good act – and I suppose her fans would like to see her dressed up in a wig and gown on reality TV shows.

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