Broadview Court, Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen Photo: Google Map

A 41-year-old Hong Kong man burnt his feet after he tried to stamp out a burning mattress that he lit with his cigarette and set his Aberdeen flat on fire, which also led to the evacuation of 20 residents in the building.

The man, who lived in Block 4 of Broadview Court in Shum Wan Road, lit a cigarette at 3am on Friday, but accidentally burnt his mattress, Apple Daily reported. He tried to put out the fire by stamping on it with his bare feet, but injured himself.

He woke up his father, 86, mother, 83 and a maid, 34 and they all ran out of the flat. They were treated at hospital for smoke inhalation and burns. Media reports did not disclose the maid’s nationality.

About 20 residents were evacuated to the ground floor, while firefighters put out the fire in 27 minutes, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The apartment was seriously damaged.