More than 300,000 domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines are employed in Hong Kong. Photo: AFP/Isaac Lawrence

A Filipino domestic worker filed a lawsuit in the District Court in Hong Kong against her former employer over her failure to provide a safe working environment, two Hong Kong newspapers reported.

The maid, who is suing the couple for an undisclosed amount, said in the writ that her employer surnamed Ng did not take the responsibility as an employer to protect her from being indecently assaulted by Ng’s 66-year-old husband, Lee Man-biu, Sing Tao Daily reported.

The maid also raised the indecent assault conviction of Lee in the writ, Apple Daily reported. The writ did not disclose how much the plaintiff is seeking.

The domestic worker stated that she was indecently touched by Lee on a day in March 2014 and accused him of rape on October 13 in the same year. She said Lee’s wife and daughter spent five days a week in mainland China because of their jobs, leaving the retired Lee alone with her in an apartment in Sham Tseng in New Territories.

With the help of a video camera taken by the victim with her mobile phone, Lee was convicted on one count of indecent assault last April and sentenced to 10 weeks behind bars. However, the charge of rape was dropped as the jury accepted Lee’s argument that the woman offered him sex for HK$500 (US$64.50).