Rocket Man bombs: Buzz Lightyear mistaken for explosive device. Photo: Bertrand Guay / AFP

‘To infinity and beyond!” was Buzz Lightyear’s call to action. For staff at Hong Kong Disneyland, their adventure most likely ended in the designated emergency-drill gathering place after a package containing a broken toy of Disney’s animated spaceman sparked a bomb scare.

The suspicious package was delivered by mail on Monday to Samuel Lau, the local unit’s chief executive. The company called the police at 12.30pm, fearing the half-meter long box contained a bomb, Singtao Daily reported on Tuesday.

After checked the box with an X-ray machine and a sniffer dog, the management decided to evacuate 500 staff from its main building on Hong Kong’s Lantau island.

Officers from the Police bomb disposal and anti-terrorism squads arrived soon after. After four hours, they confirmed that the box held only the broken Buzz Lightyear toy and a handwritten note that said: “This product sucks,” Apple Daily reported. 

The incident comes after a mentally ill man injured 18 people by setting fire to a metro train during rush hour three days ago.