Tin Ping Estate in Sheung Shui  Photo: Google Map
Tin Ping Estate in Sheung Shui Photo: Google Map

A 25-year-old policewoman was found guilty of one count of common assault in a Hong Kong court on Monday for have attacking two female bikers on street during off-duty last July.

At around 11:30pm on July 8, 2016, Yuen Lok-yan, 26, who joined the police force after graduating from high school in 2010, stopped two bikers and swore at them in Tin Ping Estate in Sheung Shui in New Territories, Sing Pao Daily reported, citing a trial in the Fanling Magistrates’ Court.

The two bikers surnamed Chan and Lai, 38 and 47, respectively, told the court that they had tried to ignore Yuen, who was seemingly drunk, but she stopped them and kicked Chan’s bicycle and legs.

As Chan said they were going to call the police, Yuen revealed her identity as a police officer. She also tried to take away Lai’s mobile phone and pushed Lai and her bicycle onto the ground. Lai’s shoes were damaged during the struggle.

Chan and Lai went to the estate’s management office until the police arrived. They said Yuen had apologized to them on her knees and asked to settle the case privately.

Deputy Magistrate Yvonne Chan Kiu-ming said Chan’s statement that Yuen had kicked her waist was not trustworthy but Lai’s statement about Yuen’s attack was in line with what was seen in closed-circuit television footage, Apple Daily reported.

Yuen, who had previously denied two counts of common assault charges, was found guilty for one count of the charges on Monday. She was criticised by the magistrate for damaging the police force’s reputation. She has to pay HK$734 (US$95) to cover the cost of Lai’s damaged shoes and medical treatment. She was granted bail, pending sentencing on March 13.