Photo: Insurance Market
Photo: Insurance Market

Cry yourself a river no more at least in Singapore because this Valentine’s Day, a company is offering something different to ease the pain of a broken heart.

Recently launched startup, Insurance Market, has introduced broken heart insurance as a one-off 24-hour promotional campaign.

The free insurance hopes to bring holders “a little smile” to ease their despair after having had their hearts broken, according to the policy.

The company is offering 150 policy holders a pair of movie tickets if they have broken up with a partner or exhibit one of seven symptoms, including “feelings of anger, unstoppable crying and a desire to drink”, as long as you are residing in Singapore.

Photo: Insurance Market

“As a company, we felt that the insurance business has become very cold-hearted and we want to bring back some love and care,” said Otberg de Jong, CEO of Insurance Market.

“If on Valentine’s Day you didn’t feel any love, we will share all our love with you and hope you feel a little better,” added De Jong.

The company aims to be the Expedia of the insurance business by providing tailor-made policies.

The one-day Broken Heart Insurance on February 14 will tie up with a recently launched platform that aims to help consumers understand “how easy it is to buy insurance on the firm’s platform”, according to de Jong.

While the policy states that a “specialist” whose had their heart broken twice before will assess the claims,  de Jong said.

“We are not very strict about the claims, whatever condition you feel to justify being able to make a claim under this insurance policy, we are happy with it,” said de Jong with a laugh.

Anyone who already has a “broken heart” is also eligible to apply and “immediately make a claim,” the policy said.

The response has been good with more than a 100 applications submitted since it was launched. People intending to insure themselves have to act fast, though, as there are only 150 policies.

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