Mayor Zhang Yan (left three) and then district head Chen Zhongshu (right two) visiting a local wet market before the Chinese New Year. Photo via Panzhihua government website.

A government official shot two leaders of an inland city in Sichuan province, China, during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning, local government media reported.

Party secretary Zhang Yan and mayor Li Jianqin of Panzhihua, a city in the southwestern province of Sichuan was shot by Chen Zhongshu, the head of the Bureau of Land and Resources in the city’s Convention and Exhibition Center, the provincial Communist Party mouthpiece Sichuan Daily confirmed on its Weibo account.

Chen later killed himself in the same building, while Zhang and Li are recovering after receiving emergency treatment.

Hong Kong media HK01 reported that the Communist Party of China’s anti-graft watchdog had started investigating Chen, after receiving approval from leaders of the local government.

Li Jianqun at a press conference in 2011, when he was with the Ministry of Land and Resources. Photo via

Li had transferred to Panzhihua in July 2016 from the law enforcement department within the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Panzhihua is a mineral-rich city in southwestern China. Mao Zedong first designated the city as an iron and steel base during the Great Leap Forward in 1958, according to the People’s Daily.

The city’s reserves of titanium and vanadium ranks the first and the third in the world, respectively.

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