Angela Merkel called on Donald Trump to steer clear of protectionism and isolation. Photo: Reuters
Angela Merkel is concerned about the rising number of infections in Germany. Photo: AFP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Saturday against protectionist tendencies of US President-elect Donald Trump, citing lessons learned in the 2008 global financial crash and stressing the need cooperation and united action.

“My profound conviction is that there are more advantages … to moving forward together than when everyone resolves their problems for themselves,” she told a press conference at a meeting of her CDU party.

Asked if she believed “protectionist tendencies” by Trump could pose a threat, Merkel recalled the example of the 2008 global financial crisis, which “came from the United States.”

“As heads of state and government [of the G20], we said: ‘We must resolve the problem facing us together,’” she said.

“And the response to overcome that financial crisis was not a response based on closing oneself off, but a response which called for cooperation, for common rules, for regulation of financial markets.”

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