Traveling in Japan just got easier. Photo: Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Japan celebrated its Coming-of-Age public holiday on January 9, giving young women the chance to step out in some fairly dazzling kimono, makeup and hairstyles. Men mostly opted for, err, blue suits.

Posing after the Coming of Age Day celebration ceremony in Tokyo on January 9, 2017. Photo: Reuters/Kim Kyung-hoon

The holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of January each year to welcome the millions of teenagers turning twenty-years old and hence recognised as adults in Japan.

Here we come. Japanese women in kimonos ride a roller coaster during Coming of Age Day celebrations. Photo: Reuters/Kim Kyung-hoon

According to some local media reports, the now twenty-somethings were mostly looking forward to parties and (legally) drinking last night, suggesting some ruffled hairdos and hangovers this morning. Welcome to adulthood.