Zhu Mingguo was convicted in 2015 of taking  "massive bribes". Photo: Imaginechina
Zhu Mingguo was convicted in 2015 of taking "massive bribes". Photo: Imaginechina

China’s state television network will air a new anti-graft documentary series beginning tonight.

The three-episode series, named “To Forge Iron, One Must Be Strong”, is a joint effort between the state’s China Central Television Network and the Communist Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The series will show how the party strives to build a “loyal, clean, and responsible” anti-corruption team, the Commission said in a statement posted on their website yesterday afternoon.

The title is a Chinese saying President Xi Jinping has often used in calling for greater self-discipline among comrades.

The series’ three parts are titled “Trust Cannot Replace Supervision”, “Preventing ‘Darkness Under Light’”, and “Interpreting Loyalty With Responsibility” respectively. It will feature a dozen cases, including those of Zhu Mingguo, a former member of the party’s 18th Central Committee and Jin Daoming, the former deputy chairman of the Shanxi provincial legislature.

This is the second time the anti-corruption watchdog has worked with the television network. “Always on the Road”, an eight-part series that aired in October last year featured another batch of prominent officials who have fallen from grace.

Since taking office four years ago, President Xi Jinping has vowed to clear deep-rooted corruption.

“The Party must be free from corruption to win the people’s heart,” and ensure the Party’s authority, Xi told the 25-strong ruling Politburo in a two-day “democratic lifestyle session” last week, according to a CCTV report.

Xi also warned members to avoid “acting superior regarding their power or status, and tighten management of their family members and staff,” the report said.

The South China Morning Post reported last Friday that the meeting was meant to “cement Xi’s status as unquestioned leader” among the ruling Party members before the crucial National Congress gathering held later his year.