As we report in our round-up of market-moving stories from Chinese language media, China has announced that in 2017 it will ease restrictions on foreign investment in manufacturing, technology, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and services.

Like our coverage of Asian film? Then read Mathew Scott’s look back on the highlights of 2016, which he says showed an industry in rude health. “2016 is a year that brought creative gems from the big studios and never-say-die independents alike,” he writes.

As Shinzo Abe makes an historic visit to Pearl Harbor, Kent. E Calder writes that debate over the meaning of the attacks 75 years ago should not be shunned. From remembering, he says, “we gain the strength to build what needs to be a constructive and cooperative trans-Pacific future.”

In Japan, girls just wanna have guns. A small but growing number of Japanese women are taking to the forests, armed with a rifle, to shoot deer and wild boar. Since the late 1990s, the number of deer in Japan has jumped from less than 400,000 to more than 3 million, according to the Ministry of Environment. The boar population doubled to 1 million over the same period.

To stay or go? Villagers in Myanmar’s Shan state face stark choices. With clashes having been ongoing since 2011, thousands live in constant fear of being caught in the crossfire between Burmese troops and ethnic rebels.

Kenny Hodgart

Kenny Hodgart is an editor for Asia Times.