The party’s over for China’s home prices – at least for now, write Steve Wang and Lin Wanxia. Property transactions have hit a wall across the country from November, dragging prices lower, following cooling measures enacted by the government. In 2017, authorities may find their desired ‘stability’ in the sector remains elusive.

Boys are continuing to be enslaved and raped in Afghanistan, in many instances by Western-backed security forces. Power and impunity ensure traditional, exploitative sexual practices persist, leaving many with anguished, solitary struggles to free sons, nephews and cousins.

North Korea’s cyberwarfare capabilities should not be taken lightly, writes David Volodzko for Asia Times. Pyongyang’s “intranet” is vanishingly small, although larger than recently reported following the accidental leak of North Korean domain names. As the pariah state’s September hacks on Seoul show, however, it has enough digital expertise to pose a real threat.

Evacuations resumed from east Aleppo on Monday, with buses and ambulances carrying more than 1,000 people leaving the last rebel-held pocket in the Syrian city, according to a UN official.

Kenny Hodgart

Kenny Hodgart is an editor for Asia Times.