China’s housing sales growth hit a wall in November, writes Steve Wang. Real estate transactions both by value and area slowed substantially after Beijing stepped up tightening measures across the country in October to stop property markets from toppling over on excessive speculation.

Despite all the doom and gloom caused by India’s shock demonitization in November, some companies are experiencing a sharp uptick in business as they attempt to cash in on the government’s push for a cashless society. In a country where many citizens don’t have a bank account but smartphone penetration is on the rise, digital wallet players are among the most visible beneficiaries.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, touted by both countries as a “game changer”, seems destined to trigger tensions, militarization and a new strategic “great game” in the region, writes Salman Rafi Sheikh for Asia Times. Maritime and territorial trade routes are up for grabs, with China and India competing for domination.

Teachers and students at a primary school in smog-ridden Chengdu, Lin Wanxia writes, are said to have been told not to wear face masks in class and instead put their faith in the government’s pollution-solving capabilities, according to a report trending on social media. The school has denied producing a notice that has caused a stir online.

Kenny Hodgart

Kenny Hodgart is an editor for Asia Times.