A dress created for the 2017 NE TIGER Haute Couture Collection at China Fashion Week in Beijing. Photo: Reuters/Jason Lee

China Fashion Week wraps up in Beijing today following a successful seven days of top designers and emerging stars showcasing their spring-summer collections.

Within 18 years, China Fashion Week has become not only a top-rated platform for fashion design, ready-to-wear, accessories, styling and other new designs and new technologies in the mainland, but also a world renowned platform for promoting brands, displaying originality and broadcasting fashion trends.

More than 510 designers from over 10 countries, and more than 490 fashion brands and organizations have held 1,073 fashion shows in nearly two decades. Over 3,300 young designers and models have taken part in 123 professional contest finals.

Chinese fashion designers are becoming an international force with both European and American fashion houses looking at the new, fresh Chinese clothing-minds as potential partners in future clothing brands.

Here is a selection of designs that hit the runway in Beijing.

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