When Chinese voters go to the polls, it is only to pick local representatives to advise on mundane issues like rubbish collection and parking. But when Ye Jinghua sought election in Beijing, she was treated like an enemy of the state.

A multi-billion-dollar Russian deal to buy Indian refiner Essar was nearly jettisoned at the 11th hour by a rival bid from Saudi Arabia as the two oil superpowers vie for supremacy across the world. Sources say leaders Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin got involved.

Donald Trump’s surprise win in the US presidential election is adding fire to a simmering campaign in Congress to oppose all Chinese takeovers of US companies on national security grounds — regardless of whether the bids have direct implications that affect US security from a defense or strategic standpoint.

With the debate still raging on just how safe e-cigarettes are, tobacco advocates have accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of a lack of transparency for moving too quickly to regulate e-cigarettes, or vaping, without giving them a voice.

As India’s masses grapple with the mayhem of demonetization, an extravagant wedding ceremony in the south this week appears to be ignoring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that shook India on Nov. 8. Gali Janardhana Reddy, a mining magnate with connections to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, has reportedly spent more than US$80 million on the wedding ceremony for his daughter Brahmani.