Tens of thousands of hardline Indonesian Muslim protesters marched to the presidential palace in Jakarta on Friday to demand the resignation of the capital’s Christian ethnic Chinese governor, who they said had insulted the Quran. Basuki Tjahja Purnama’s seeming offense was to have dismissed an attack by a political opponent who urged opposition to him by citing a verse from the Quran.

Investors might want to think twice before lending money to one of China’s state-linked enterprises. That’s because the Ministry of Finance has just pulled the plug on “implicit guarantees” for the massive debt racked up by entities associated with regional governments. The decision means provincial officials are explicitly banned from bailing out regional SOEs.

China’s top parliamentary body, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, will discuss Hong Kong’s mini-constitution and how it should be interpreted, the city’s government announced yesterday. The move, which is in response to an ongoing controversy regarding two pro-independence lawmakers-elect, raises fears that Hong Kong’s legal autonomy is effectively over.

Children in China’s Guangdong province have been told they must play for at least two hours every day. The provincial government has officially banned kindergartens from teaching primary school courses and mandated a minimum dose of outdoor activity. The new regulations are to be enforced from November 15.

As we report in our round-up of coverage in the Chinese language media, cement and steel producers in 20 Chinese cities have been ordered to stop production for several months to reduce air pollution. According to the Shanghai Securities Journal, the cities include Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Kenny Hodgart

Kenny Hodgart is an editor for Asia Times.