It's 2016. Isn't it? Photo credit: Mothership/Toggle
It's 2016. Isn't it? Photo credit: Mothership/Toggle

A Singaporean TV station just put an actor in blackface, with an afro-wig, in an online drama.

The episode is part a web series called I Want To Be A Star, which is produced by Mediacorp, the country’s state broadcaster.

It also contains other racial slurs. The plot revolves around a casting director who is looking for an African actor. One of the characters suggests using an Indian actor instead, claiming “there is no difference” between the two ethnicities, according to local news site Mothership.


The characters get a Chinese character, played by Singaporean actor Shane Pow, to paint his face black and dress up in an afro-wig to audition for the role of an African.

Predictably, the episode has drawn the ire of the online community. Singaporean-based Twitter user @seitanclaws  first reminded MediaCorp of the nation’s creed, which said that every citizen is equal regardless of race:

Others followed:

The episode was removed on Wednesday and MediaCorp issued an apology afterwards:

It might be 2016, but it seems there’s a long way to go before racism is tackled in certain societies.