China's chair of the National Council for Social Security Fund, Lou Jiwei. Photo: Youtube
China's chair of the National Council for Social Security Fund, Lou Jiwei. Photo: Youtube

Foreign-funded banks can underwrite local government bonds, said deputy finance minister Liu Kun in a ministry workshop on September 29, as reported  by Securities Daily. The move is intended to diversify bond management and help restructure national and local debt.
地方债投资主体有望扩容 财政部酝酿引入外资银行承销

HPV vaccine pulled from US wins China approval

Cervarix, a vaccine against certain types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) that can cause cancer, has won approval for sale in China despite it being pulled from the US market in mid August this year, reported Caixin on Wednesday. The drug is made by GlaxoSmithKline.

NDRC, PBOC to handle bank deleveraging reform

National Development Reform Commission, the People’s Bank of China and other departments will set up a new system for managing debt reform at financial institutions, such as the debt-to-equity pilot project at commercial banks, reported National Economic Daily on Thursday. Follows guidelines on deleveraging issued by State Council on October 10.
发改委牵头17部门降杠杆 装备制造等产业有望先行试点“债转股”

Regions beat nation in GDP growth

A total of 22 regions reported higher GDP growth than the 6.7% recorded for all of China in the first nine months, China News reported. Chongqing and Guizhou racked up 10.7% and 10.5% respectively. Hebei (6.8%), Shandong (7.5%), Henan (8.1%), Ningxia (8.0%). Beijing and Shanghai matched the nation’s growth at 6.7%.
20余省份公布前三季度经济数据 多地GDP增速回升

Three regulators to monitor state-owned firms

Three regulators will be set up to monitor the country’s assets and state-owned enterprises, reported Yicai. They will fall under umbrella of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
国资委新设三大监督局 负责国资重大损失调查

Credit ratings unified under PBOC

Rules and management of the credit rating industry will fall under the People’s Bank of China, reported Caixin. PBOC will direct the National Development and Reform Commission and China Securities Regulatory Commission in managing the industry.

Nationwide study on pollution sources planned

Nationwide, comprehensive study on sources of pollution will start in 2017, according to government memo released Wednesday. Last such investigation was in 2007.