A court in Foshan, in China’s Guangdong province, upheld a jail term for the former head of a village, once seen as a cradle of grassroots democracy, on graft and other charges. Last month, Lin Zuluan was sentenced to three years and a month.

Women in the Asia-Pacific region have expressed dismay about the US presidential campaign’s focus on the emotional topic of sexual harassment, saying it shows both democracy and the rights of women in America have some way to go.


With the passing of the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej last week, Thailand must now chart a course forward for a nation that looks very different from the quiet agrarian state he inherited in 1946. But with an unpopular royal successor and a divided political elite, the way ahead is as uncertain as is has ever been.

China’s 3Q growth of 6.7% was clearly driven by the housing market and a rebound in the financial industry, a breakdown of the latest GDP figure from the National Bureau of Statistics showed. The real estate sector was the fastest growing segment of China’s economy, rising 8.8% in the third quarter.

In Kweichou Moutai Company’s eagerness to promote “baijiu”, China’s leading maker of the strong white liquor got a bit carried away with the “success” of its celebrity event in Los Angeles. The event launched its Moutai World Fan Club, a new platform for baijiu enthusiasts, at an Asian restaurant last month.