iPhone 7pluslaunch

Introducing several extraordinary—though partly expected—features, Apple launched the latest incarnation of its flagship smartphone naming it, as leaked, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Both the models have stereo speakers and are water-resistant.

Apple did away with the wires that used to connect the headphones with the phone using the usual cylindrical connector. It introduced a pair of wireless headphones that’s powered by a micro chip. This pair needs charging though and Apple claimed a day of stereo functioning after full charge.

It also gave up the headphone jack, perhaps to reduce the thickness of the iPhone. Now, the headphones can be connected using the lightning connector itself, if need be.

Another interesting feature was a twin rear camera console in the iPhone 7 Plus model that gives wider coverage and four times extra zoom without pixelation. It actually comes with two cameras in the rear, each 12 MP. Its retina screen is better than ever with more vivid colors.

What more? It also sports a seamless jet black design and comes with optical image stabilization.

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