South African Twitter user Mixo (@Mijeaux) started this with a picture-tweet of her bare thighs in January and now women across the world who had so far been insecure about their “imperfect” thighs are showing them off on the social media.

From huge and hairy to dotted and dimply, all forms of those “imperfect” thighs are laid bare for the world to watch using the hashtag #ThighsForJeaux. It has created an online space for women to embrace their thighs, no matter how below par they may seem by the societal slinky standards. In fact, they are now celebrating their thighs with this viral hashtag.

Mixo was inspired to start the hashtag because of “how often people are judged for showing their thighs, especially if their thighs are deemed imperfect by societal standards,” she told Marie Claire South Africa. “I wanted to use the hashtag to problematize these attitudes towards our bodies.” Mixo suggested that her followers should not be afraid of showing off their thighs, especially in the summer heat. She then led her followers by sharing an image of herself, using the hashtag.

After trending for several seasons, the hashtag made a comeback this week with women around the globe, including several celebs, sharing their #ThighsForJeaux snaps with pride.

Reality star Lexi, on Thursday, showed off some skin and weighed in on the issue of body-shaming. “How is that so many women dis-empower and break down fellow women? Not just on my social media, but across the border. How is it ever OK to bully or post nasty and vile comments? Are you that hurt that you have to express your anger, frustrations and hatred towards a stranger?” she wrote, after posting her #ThighsForJeaux.

After ridiculous internet trends like the ‘A4 waist challenge’ and the ‘Belly button challenge’ made it extremely difficult for women to develop a healthy self-esteem, the #MermaidThighs that came weeks back to bust the ‘thigh gap’ trend and #ThighsForJeaux that has made a major revival this week have come to induce some body-positivity.

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