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Ji Chang-wook is done with action: it seems he has had enough of it in his latest drama “The K2” that is set to premiere on Friday.

Speaking to press-persons ahead of the premiere, Chang-wook remarked that this one would be his last action drama. But is it for literal interpretation or a casual remark to explain the height of his hard-work? “Among all the projects I have done so far, this was by far the hardest. It was so hard it made me resolve to never do another action drama. I worked out so much for this drama. I practiced a lot of martial arts at action school, and because my character is a former mercenary, I wanted to build muscle, too, for a masculine look,” Chang-wook said. He practiced at action school for two months, given the level of difficulty of the action in “The K2,” Soompi reported.

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Its latest teasers feature some of its intense action scenes, heightening the anticipation of the viewers. Apart from Korea’s Taekwondo, the said action scenes included some fighting moves from Brazil’s Jiu-jitsu, Japan’s Aikido and the Systema combat style from Russia, Yibada reported. Similar to other action suspense dramas, the upcoming tvN series will also feature a few exciting car chase scenes, as well as some explosive moments. It is described as a mini action movie.

The upcoming tvN series will feature the on-screen pairing of Girls Generation group member Im YoonA and Chang-wook. YoonA also shared how difficult this drama was for her, at the press conference that took place at the Imperial Palace in Gangnam. “I had a lot of worries from as early as the preparation stage for the drama, since it had been so long since I did a domestic drama. Because of my confidence in Song Yoon-ah and Ji Chang-wook sunbaes and my trust in our director, I was able to muster up the courage.”

YoonA will play Go Ahn-na, the secret daughter of a presidential candidate, and Ji will don the role of a mercenary-turned-bodyguard named Kim Je-Ha.

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