Several super-hit South Korean dramas and movies have helped its local entertainment industry gain international fame. Now, even those who do not understand the language or its culture want to study it and travel to the country, thanks to its unique film styles and drama craze. According to ace actor Lee Min-ho, that’s the true force of the Hallyu wave and he has felt it several times.

South Korean movies are being remade in several other countries worldwide and its film styles are also being adopted in other language films. Adding to the Hallyu wave, romance dramas such as the recent “Descendants of the Sun” have created international fan bases for their actors and actresses. Both the drama name and Song Joong-ki continue to be hot Google Search terms in regions as far as Canada and the UK. Several South Korean study centers are being opened for the world audience.

Lee Min-ho, who started with his super-hit “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, is currently filming in Spain for the upcoming drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” with Jun Ji-hyun.

It is his first drama in three years. As long as people look forward to watching it, I’ll be thankful.” As a Hallyu star with a huge fan following, he feels anxious and deeply responsible about his performances in movies and dramas. “I’m excited and nervous about how people will see me,” he told Xports News. “My character is a con artist, so I think I can show people multiple sides. He doesn’t want to disappoint his fans in any way.”

“I know there are people around the world who are cheering for me. Thank you for always staying by my side. I will work harder to be an actor that makes you as happy as your energy makes me.” Lee Min-ho had also been anxious before the release of his recent movie “Bounty Hunters.”

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