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Call this the height of craziness: A Chinese couple chose to smile for their wedding photographs while dangling hundreds of feet above a deep gorge from the longest glass suspension bridge in the world.

As they became life-partners, they decided to risk their lives to make their marriage momentous. So, in their wedding attire, the couple got themselves clicked in Yueyang, China, where the glass structure attracts tourists from all over the world.

This unconventional photoshoot on the Haohan Qiao bridge in Shiniuzhai National Park stunned other tourists. Locals call it the “Brave Men’s bridge.”

YouTube video

As if the glass bridge itself wasn’t scary enough, the couple climbed down to a small red platform suspended below the bridge and lay down for their unconventional wedding snaps, the Sun reported. The bride and groom married on Chinese Valentine’s Day on August 9, China News Service reported.


Despite dangling 590 feet above the ground, they were still able to smile for the camera in their wedding photos, the BBC reported.

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