OurMine has claimed to have hacked the Twitter account of Pokémon Go developer Niantic’s CEO John Hanke.

On Sunday, the hacking team reportedly posted messages using Hanke’s Twitter and Quora accounts. According to IBTimes, the group claimed that they were “testing [his] security” and offered their services to “upgrade” his security, similar to their previously claimed breaches.

The group also claimed that Hanke’s password was “nopass”.


According to CNet, on July 31, a series of Tweets was posted to Hanke’s 16,000 followers. They were hashtagged “OurMine” and claimed the hack was for Brazil, where Pokemon Go was yet to be released. OurMine is a company that claims to assess social network account security, so the hack seems like a marketing stunt, directing users to upgrade account security. OurMine has conducted a series of such high-profile social media attacks.

Last month, it claimed to be behind outages on the Pokémon Go network, although it is hard to verify that claim—it could just be that Niantic’s servers were overwhelmed by high levels of demand from real people, rather than being floored by a deliberate denial-of-service attack, Fortune reported.

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