(From AFP)

North Korea on Sunday demanded the repatriation of a dozen restaurant workers who jointly fled to South Korea, a day after blasting Seoul over a separate high-profile defection.

13 North Korean restaurants defect from China to South
File photo of 13 North Koreans who defected to the South in April after having worked at a state-run restaurant in China

Sunday’s statement was Pyongyang’s first reaction to Seoul’s announcement last week that the 12 restaurant staff and their manager had been released from government custody.

The group had been “released into society”, the South’s unification ministry said, after the intelligence service had completed investigations into their case.

North Korea claims the group was kidnapped.

A spokesman for its emergency committee set up for “rescuing” abductees described the ministry’s announcement as a “mean plot” aimed at “covering up the truth behind the group abduction”. Read More

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