Kim Ah-joong with food carts

How sweet! “Wanted” star Kim Ah-joong got two carts full of love and affection from her fans who filled one with cakes and sausages and the other with coffee and patbingsu (Korean ice dessert) and delivered them at the drama sets.

Fanpage “Kim Ah Joong COCOA” members brought the food and beverage carts to the sets of “Wanted” serial that is nearing its end, with just two episodes left. The food cart was loaded with about 200 servings of piping hot spicy rice cakes, fish cakes, sausages, among other delicious dishes, according to AllKpop. Kim was overwhelmed and posed in front of the carts to show her gratitude to her fans. It happened on July 24 and that picture was also shared.

According to AllKpop, she also interacted and took pictures with the fans who came all the way to Songdo, Incheon, to deliver the packages of loyalty.

Soompi also reported of behind-the-scenes photos of actress Kim Ah-joong on set being publicized.

She stars as Jung Hye-in in this SBS drama who’s a top celebrity attempting to rescue her kidnapped son. “Wanted” is a thriller drama gaining popularity as it nears the climax.

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