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South Korean drama “Doctors” that stars Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won will end on August 23, as per the revised schedules.

Broadcast from Rio delayed the airing of Episode 18, which, as per original schedule, was set for August 16. As SBS started Olympics broadcast, the timings of “Doctors” were disturbed. SBS will be airing two episodes back-to-back on Monday, August 22. The final episode–Episode 20–will be telecast the following day.

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Meanwhile, the performance and dedication of Kim Min-suk in Episode 17 which was aired on August 15 has made it memorable.


In that episode, he tearfully cuts and shaves his hair himself in one take as he prepares to get surgery. Soompi reported that this moving scene and his acting has impressed viewers. A source from his agency Woolim Entertainment revealed the actor’s thoughts on the scene and said, “[The scene] was possible due to Kim Min-suk’s passion and determination.”

The source continued, “Because he liked the script, he had no worries about shaving his head. Since he is an MC for ‘Inkigayo,’ the company worried about his styling but it was agreed upon after discussion.”

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Meanwhile, Movie News Guide reported that the fans of the SBS medical drama have expressed their desires to see more of Hye Jung (Park Shin-hye) and Doctor Hong (Kim Rae-won). “Doctors” fans want a sequel but SBS kept mum about it.

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