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Singapore will soon host a restaurant, where food will not be cooked but printed and served, using the latest 3D-printing technology that is gaining popularity across the globe.

Food Ink is set to open in Singapore but when and where are yet to be announced.

Perhaps, 3D-printing technology can be used to produce anything from an electronic device to aeroplane.

Recently, Airbus created the world’s first 3D printed aircraft and named it Thor. Nike used this technology and Olympic sprinters to design its new track shoe.

When this technology was introduced and popularised, the idea of printing food as an alternative to conventional means of cooking was floated. But now, it has become a reality.    

A spokesman from Food Ink was quoted by the Mirror as saying: “Our London launch is only the beginning and we are soon bringing this extraordinary new restaurant format to a number of other innovative cities around the world.”

3d printeddessert
Food Ink’s 3D printed dessert. Image: Food Ink

According to 3D printer news website, 3ders, the “3D printing restaurant will be taken on the road to Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin, Singapore and beyond.”

Created using the latest 3D technology, dishes at Food Ink promise to give “a multi-sensory food experience” for customers, reported TimeOut. The Daily Mail reported that Food Ink offers a nine course menu that’s printed to order using a 3D printer made by “byFlow,” the company that invented these portable and multi-material 3D printers.

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