South Korean drama “Doctors” that stars Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won ends today and there are rumours about a potential Part 2.

To commemorate the final episode, Park Shin-hye recently posted a selfie with Rae-won on Instagram. It included a caption that said, “While Hye Jung developed within the drama, I found myself also growing. These past four months were so precious and happy, and I’m so thankful. Which is why I wanted to show everyone just how hard and painful it is for me to send it away. The final episode for ‘Doctors’ is today at 10 pm. You’ll be with us till the end right? #Thisismyman.”

Yibada reported that “Doctors” has maintained its run as a new hit TV drama. According to Nielsen Korea, the 17th episode recorded a viewership rating of 22.8 percent across Seoul national capital area.

As the end neared, Kim also opened up on his drama experience.

On his on-screen chemistry with co-star Park, Kim admitted that he was sincerely burdened by the cheesy dialogue in the drama. However, once they acted on set, he realized that the cheesy dialogues were great that the words just moved right off his tongue.

Movie News Guide had reported that the fans of the SBS medical drama have expressed their desires to see more of Hye Jung (Park Shin-hye) and Doctor Hong (Kim Rae-won). “Doctors” fans want a sequel but SBS hasn’t made any official announcement on it.

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