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“Descendants of the Sun” was a super-hit South Korean serial. After it rewrote local television history earlier this year, the military-romance drama became immensely popular worldwide, was sold to over 27 countries, including the UK, and translated into 32 languages. Its lead characters Yoo Si-Jin (played by Song Joong­Ki) and Kang Mo­Yeon (Song Hye­Kyo), and their on-screen romance were cherished like never before.

Now, the 16-episode drama is being aired in the Philippines on week-nights, and no doubt, the local fans are thrilled to watch it in their own Tagalog language. But still, they have a grouse: Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are not Yoo Si-Jin and Kang Mo-Yeon as they were, but have been given new names.

Several fans have expressed discomfort over the name change: Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are Lucas Yoo and Maxine Kang in the translated version.

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“Descendants of the Sun” that features the action-packed love story of Special Forces member of South Korean Army and a female doctor airs on the GMA Network after the telefantasya prequel of “Encantadia.” It comes with lines dubbed in Tagalog.

A GMA News report had stated that the Kapuso network had acquired the rights to air the KBS’s blockbuster drama series. Though the fans were thrilled, many of them expressed their displeasure over the changes in name on online social media, Tempo reported.

It started airing on July 25. “Descendants of the Sun” marks the return of A-­list South Korean superstars Song Joong-­ki and Song Hye­-kyo to GMA. Joong-­ki’s previous drama “Innocent Man” in which he played Maru, and Hye-­kyo’s series “Full House” where she is known as Jessie, were both aired in the Kapuso Network.

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