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A CCTV footage of an apparently angry young woman getting out of her white sedan in the middle of the Badaling Wildlife Park, Beijing, has gone viral. After exiting the car, she moves towards the driver’s side of the vehicle and engages in an argument, when a tiger comes from nowhere and attacks her.
As per reports, this incident is said to have occurred on Saturday and the video has gone viral, occasionally flashing on television screens worldwide.
It is being reported that the girl survived the attack but with serious wounds, while her mother who tried to save her was mauled to death . Chinese media site Sohu reported that the family – one older woman, a younger woman, a child and a man – were all visiting the tiger enclosure before the younger woman and the man allegedly got into an altercation, leading her to storm out of the car ignoring the warning signs. As she engages in an argument, the tiger attacks her and then drags away her limp body. Then the man wearing a blue shirt can be seen exiting the vehicle, chases after them but retreats. Within a second or two, the mother also risks her own life by flying out of the back seat to chase after her daughter. All three people were off camera when a different Siberian tiger mauled and killed the mother, according to officials.
AP reported that the park workers were on the scene within seconds but they were too late to save the victim. The safari park is located at the foot of the Badaling section of the Great Wall and is one of the largest of its kind in China.

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