On Saturday, Girls’ Generation icon YoonA meet her fans at Shanghai, who with their love moved her to tears. Watch the video below.

YouTube video

Earlier, she held fan meetings in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing. But here, the fans played a video for her, titled “A letter to YoonA,” that showed her hard work and indulgences since her debut in 2007, with a message from the fans in the subtitles, Soompi reported. This touched her heart and she couldn’t control her tears.

When the video ended, fans held up signs with YoonA’s nickname, Yoong, and chanted her name, prompting YoonA to capture the moment with her phone, Soompi added.

YoonA is most likely to star alongside Ji Chang-wook in the anticipated Friday-Saturday serial ‘K2’ though there has not been any official confirmation so far.

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