It is being stated that the super-hit drama series “Descendants of the Sun” has left behind such a lasting effect on the audience that ongoing and upcoming serials on Korean televisions are benefiting from its extraordinary success.

Kim Woo-bin, who stars in one of the top dramas playing right now, expressed his gratitude: “I love you, Song Joong-ki.” Then he made a heart with his fingers for the camera, to thank the lead stars of “Descendants of the Sun” Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo.

Military-romance drama “Descendants of the Sun” premiered earlier this year on KBS2 and grabbed the hearts of several Asian countries. Even the North Koreans risked their lives to drool over their sweet-little nothings.

On July 9, the episode of “Entertainment Weekly” featured the lead stars of KBS’s new drama “Uncontrollably Fond,” which along with medical-themed drama “Doctors” is vying for the top slot. Kim Woo-bin, Bae Suzy, Im Joo-hwan, and Im Joo-eun sat down for a chat about the show.

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When asked if they’re aware of how popular the show is and how much people are excited about it, Kim replied, “I think we’re benefiting from the work of those who made the great drama ‘Descendants of the Sun.’”

“We’ve just put our spoon down on a table that’s already set for dinner,” Soompi quoted him as saying. Suzy laughed and copied his gesture of putting a spoon on a table. “We’re heading forth with gratitude,” he added.

Yibada also shared Bae Suzy’s thoughts on “Uncontrollably Fond” and the hit drama that starred Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. Kim noted that his new KBS2 drama was receiving a lot of fan interest because of the success story of “Descendants of the Sun.” He also mentioned that they received a good deal in being compared with the hit drama.


“Descendants of the Sun” has rekindled Asian interest in Korean dramas. Is medical-themed drama “Doctors” also gaining from that?

“Uncontrollably Fond” premiered on July 6, with a nationwide viewership rating of 12.5 percent, according to Nielsen Korea. “Doctors,” too, had an explosive start with double digit viewership ratings.

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