Lee Min Ho - "Bounty Hunters" Movie 2nd Trailer - 04.05.2016

Lee Min-ho’s action flick “Bounty Hunters” premiered in 52,000 Chinese cinemas on July 1 and has turned out to be a Box Office super-hit. Now, it is all set to stun the world.

It will hit the screens in England, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“Bounty Hunters” grossed 9 billion won ($7.8 million) on the first day of its release in China, Korea Times reported.

Lee’s agency Starhaus Entertainment informed that 30 billion won was spent for the movie and most of it has been recovered. Between July 1 and 3, the movie earned 20.7 billion won ($17.3 million) in ticket sales, according to data from Entgroup, a Beijing-based film data company.

The action-adventure film, jointly produced by Korea and China, is Lee’s China debut. It tells the story of five bounty hunters who collaborate to search for a hotel bomber. Lee plays the lead role of Yi San, a smart man who is also good in martial arts.

“The local response has been really strong. ‘Bounty Hunters’ topped the most-searched terms on Baidu and Weibo,” a Starhaus Entertainment official was quoted as saying.

Lee Min-ho indulged in several promotional activities in the run-up to the movie release.

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