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Medical-themed romance drama “Doctors” is turning out to be a huge hit with double digit viewership ratings. It topped the popularity charts both on the launch week and the next.

After the SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the most-watched boxing scene to entertain fans, it has now released new still cuts featuring Ji Soo through its production company to create some curiosity.

In earlier episodes of the drama, Ji Soo’s character Soo Chul showed interest in Park Shin-hye’s character Yoo Hye-jung. We thought yesteryear flame Soo Chul would then disappear. He did. The drama witnessed a time shift of 13 years and the most recent episode didn’t include Ji Soo. We saw Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won engage in a boxing duel as they meet after the long separation. Now, the release of photos have led to speculations that Ji Soo may return in the next episode and be a part of a love triangle with Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won.

Many viewers are excited to see how his character has changed after 13 years as well as how he will affect the relationship between Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won, Soompi reported.

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