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Call it the crispy Indian-style pancake.

Dosa is a staple South Indian dish made of fermented rice batter. It’s topped with onions, mashed and seasoned potatoes or chili powder.

While the stomachic debate these days is about whether to go for traditional food such as the Indian dosa or the fast-cooked pizza, a street vendor in Mumbai is offering the best of both worlds.

A Mulund-based street vendor, Sai Sandwich and Dosa Corner, has come up with this fusion dish called “pizza dosa” and became quite famous in the neighborhood.

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Pizza dosa is quite a concoction, topped with India’s traditional ingredients with onions, capsicum, sweetcorn, green leaves, butter, tomato grind, chili sauce and a generous amount of cheese. It’s loaded with flavors, spices, and all. You get a crispy crust instead of the thick bread that forms the base for pizzas.

It’s tangy and spicy, thanks to the garam masala in it. Indian spices such as dry red chillies, coriander, cinnamon or cassia bark, cloves, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, peppercorns, bay leaf and cumin bring together the harmony of India meeting Italy.

But it’s still a dosa because it is served with the usual coconut chutney (grind).

One “pizza dosa” is all you need for your dinner tonight. Priced under $2, what’s not to like? Customize it if you want with your favorite toppings.

What else? Try “Chinese Dosa” with noodle toppings, “Twin Tower Dosa” and “Chocolate Dosa,” among a few other varieties.

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