Remember “Ratatouille” and Chef Gusteau’s famous motto “Anyone can cook?” In his last food review, notorious critic Anton Ego declares that he finally, truly understands what Gusteau meant when he stated “Anyone can cook” that not everyone can become a great cook but a great cook can come from anywhere. But was age in his mind?

A six-year-old kid from Kochi, India, has stunned the world with his rare and tender culinary talents. 

Nihal Raj can cook everything from Popsicle and ice-cream cake to coconut payasam and signature South Indian dishes.

What more? He has his own YouTube channel, where he teaches kitchen enthusiasts the trick of the trade through video tutorials. It has been a year since he started that.

According to a report, this master chef has sealed a $2000 deal with an agency that creates videos for Facebook for the non-exclusive rights to the video that shows him making Mickey Mouse-themed mango ice cream.

He is popularly referred to as Raj or Kicha, and studies at the Choice School in Kochi. Now, we can trust the saying that anyone can cook.

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