Japanese cuisine in stamps

Japan Post has launched a “Traditional Dietary Culture of Japan” stamp series featuring its popular cuisine.

According to Linn’s Stamp News, the first pane of 10 stamps in this series features various Japanese dishes and side-dishes, including miso soup, shrimp tempura, steamed egg custard and seaweed. Search for Japanese food stamps and you may also come across one featuring narazuke: vegetables such as cucumbers fermented in the yeast of sake (Japanese rice wine). Such a fermentation gives the vegetables a tangy taste even while retaining their crispiness.

It also featured Japanese food on a se-tenant (side-by-side) pair of postcard-rate stamps. This pair of 18-yen stamps depicts drawings of sushi and tempura. Add to that list of special stamps this one featuring a famous Asian drink: bubble tea. Bubble tea comes in assorted flavors and those “bubbles” in bubble tea are chewy balls of tapioca.

What a novel way to glorify its everyday kitchen tradition!

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