It is the Ovation of the Seas. Being one of the newest ships of Royal Carribean company, it gives a glimpse of the future at the bar section, employing a bionic bartending system.

It is currently making its rounds across ports in China, Japan and South Korea, reported. The bartenders on deck are actually two car-manufacturing robots repurposed to create cocktails by a group of researchers at MIT. When a drink is ordered from the tablet, the order appears on a digital panel situated by the bar and the robots get to work. The mechanical arms move in fluid unison, pulling from an array of 127 bottles hanging above them, adding mixers, stirring, shaking and finally delivering a finished drink down one of four conveyor belts, it reported.

With a length spanning more than that of three football pitches, Ovation of the Seas is the largest cruise liner in Asia and the fourth-largest in the world. It is almost 100m longer than the RMS Titanic and holds about twice as many people of almost 5,000, Today Online reported.

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