Solar couture is becoming a super-haute trend. Sun-powered wearables are becoming a new fad, as leading international labels are launching their exclusive range of eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

Try solar T-shirts and generate curiosity along with some watts that can be used to charge your smartphones on the go. They are loaded with solar cells. Or go for the solar-paneled field jackets that are equipped with a battery pack and USB port in the front pocket. Visit for more such ideas.


Just this month, researchers in South Korea developed what may be the most flexible solar panel to date. The photovoltaic, which uses Gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductors, was developed at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and has a thickness of approximately one micron. Because of their reduced thickness, these cells experience much less strain when they are bent, and they can be bent around objects as small as one millimeter in thickness, reported.

Watt more? Accessories such as necklaces studded with solar panels and LEDs becoming popular. How about some sunglasses with solar cells and tracking chips? Watch out for more such haute trends.

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