park shin-hye

Cucumber, cabbage and cycling: “Doctors” star Park Shin-hye has revealed the three Cs behind her stunning weight loss.

Park ranked third among stars who accomplished significant weight loss on tvN’s “The List.” Actors Jung Kyung-ho and Park Ji-yoon were above her on the list, but still there was a huge amount of curiosity about her weight-loss secrets.

Her hours of consistent workouts and diet were vital for accomplishing her ideal weight and Park apparently ate just two meals a day and abstained from eating anything after 6 pm, Kpop Herald reported.

According to the publication, Park only eats cucumber or cabbage whenever she feels hungry. She also cycles two to three times a week and works out regularly, including a modern dance workout.

As for her glowing skin, Park frequently drinks a broth made out of red bean and pumpkin. It is said that it will seemingly help achieving puffiness in the face.

As of now, “Doctors” is doing well, topping the viewership charts. She stars alongside Kim Rae-won in the medical-themed romance drama that airs every Monday and Tuesday.

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