Han Hye Jin, eyes that pleases Park Shin Hye for help 《The Doctors》 닥터스 EP11

It has emerged that the South Korean drama “Doctors” has regained its top slot among the Monday-Tuesday serials, thanks to a touching scene involving Park Shin-hye and Han Hye-jin.

Ratings research firm Nielsen Korea published the ratings for episodes that aired on Monday and “Doctors” has captured 19.2 percent. Now, the next goal of this SBS drama is to break the 20-percent ratings mark.

It is publicized that the most-watched minute was a scene with Park Shin-hye and Han Hye-jin. Han makes a cameo as a patient with locked-in syndrome which is a medical condition involving paralysis but the ability to have consciousness and perform some eye movements. Yoo Hye-jung (Park Shin-hye) visits the patient and encourages her to open the door to her healing, Soompi reported.

KBS2’s “Beautiful Mind” came in with 3.4 percent ratings and MBC’s “Monster” recorded 13.7 percent. Now, “Doctors” contest will be with “Uncontrollably Fond” aired on the rest of the weekdays.

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