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Talk about looking alike! This Song Joong-ki near clone is just 24 and works as a flight attendant at a Chinese airline.

He looks so much like the male lead in “Descendants of the Sun” that Chinese women passengers jump with joy and demand selfies. It doesn’t matter that this less-famous alter ego wears a cabin crew uniform and places passenger’s luggage into the overhead compartment.

Some even post his pictures online and fetch thousands of ‘likes.’ Several Chinese and Korean media outlets have also picked up the photos and published them.

Fans are fascinated that the young man so strongly resembles their “Descendants of the Sun” star. Some of the excitement was being generated by die-hard female fans who hope to meet and date Song Joong-ki.

The Song Joong-ki look-alike’s name is Feng Ming. Catch a China Southern Airlines flight, and you might just meet him in person.

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