(From AFP)

A Hong Kong bookseller who said he was blindfolded, interrogated and detained in China led a protest march Saturday defying Beijing as pressure grows for authorities to answer questions over the case.

Lam Wing-kee (C-in cap leading a protest in Hong Kong on June 18
Lam Wing-kee (Center in cap) leading a protest in Hong Kong on Saturday

Lam Wing-kee is one of five booksellers who went missing last year — all worked for a publisher known for salacious titles about leading Chinese politicians.

The case heightened fears that Beijing was tightening its grip on semi-autonomous Hong Kong, with Lam’s explosive revelations earlier this week about how he had been detained in China further fanning many residents’ concerns.

Lam told AFP Saturday that he did not feel afraid after breaking bail, refusing to return to the mainland and breaking silence on his detention. Read More

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